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How To Use Your Atomic Points

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We offer Atomic Points on every order you place. Atomic Points do not expire, so you can save them up and spend them in the future.

After your order is successfully placed and shipped, you will receive your Atomic Points for that order, for future purchases.

While logged into your account, you can check your Atomic Point balance by clicking the “Atomic Points” tab. From the “Atomic Points” tab you will be able to see your accrued Atomic Points balance, how you can earn even more Atomic Points, and what the redeemable rewards are.

How To Redeem Your Atomic Points from Email

After every order you place is shipped, you will automatically receive an email with your Atomic Points balance. Inside that email is a clickable button that says, “Spend Your Atomic Points.” You save this email to use at a later date. If you lose that email, it’s okay! You can just go on our website to redeem your Atomic Points. See below.

How To Redeem Your Atomic Points From A Desktop Computer

On a desktop computer, go to AtomicSwag.com and log into your account. On the right side of the computer screen lying vertical is a black tab that says, “Atomic Points.” See picture below. You will see the “Atomic Points” tab with two red arrows pointing at it.

While you are logged into your account, click on the black “Atomic Points” tab. A small window will open with your Atomic Points balance.

Click on “Spend Your Atomic Points.” This is where you will redeem your points. Click on “Earn More Atomic Points” to earn even more. See below, "Earning Atomic Points” section to see what else you can earn!


How To Redeem Your Atomic Points From Your Smart Phone

Atomic Points Redeem easier on a desktop computer, we suggest to redeem on a desktop.

Go to AtomicSwag.com on your mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the webpage until you see in light gray, “SWITCH TO STANDARD VIEW.” By clicking that, you will be switching from our mobile phone app view to a desktop view, so pictures will become smaller (this is why we suggest redeeming points on a desktop computer – images are smaller and it’s harder to navigate the website). Then, you will just follow the instruction for the desktop version, which is listed above.



Earning Atomic Points

With every $1 spent you get 1 Atomic Point.

While logged into your account, click the “Atomic Points” black tab, laying vertical on our front page of our website.

Click on “Earn Atomic Points.”

Click on the social media boxes – a small pop-up window will open up of your our social media pages (or you may have to log-in from that small window) and you can like, follow, and share from that pop-up window and immediately receive points.

Add your birthday quickly and get 10 Atomic Points! Click on the “Your Birthday” box to enter in your birth-date, but make sure to add it one month before your birthday in order to use it by your birthday.


Atomic Points Rewards

50 Atomic Points is a $5 off coupon.

75 Atomic Points is a $10 off coupon.

125 Atomic Points is a $25 off coupon.

175 Atomic Points is a $30 off coupon.

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